Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Jeff" Rough Concept...

Did this for fun a few weeks ago:

Jeff strikes me as the kind of guy that was forced into the military by his parents when he was young, did the bare minimum and then, when he got out, got a job flipping burgers or working at Target. I know the stereotypical gamer is generally young and grossly overweight, but a lot of gamers that I know are ex-military or cops so I tried to bring more of that element into the design.

Just to clarify: I'm not interested in receiving assignments or anything. There are far more talented people in our class who will do an amazing job on the character design and visual development (I'm looking at you Allen Ostergar and Alyssa Petersen). I'm just here to throw out a drawing or two every once in a while.

I have a few more drawings that I'll be posting over the next little while, so stay tuned!


  1. Hah nice, I do like the unique idea of having the nerd be an older design like this. it changes the main idea and feel of the nerd from the pitch, but I think it should at least be given some consideration!

  2. I really like this, John!! Coolio!

  3. I like the "Muppet" like features to this guy! Great style direction.