Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pizza Boxes...

here are the pizza boxes... let me know what you think.  i'm open to any changes and stuff.  

Funky "Funky" Lefrou

Funky "Funky" Lefrou (it's 2013 . . . oops)
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! An old Caliber Design

Bruce Ali

pizza man design

here's the final pizza man design... i will put it on boxes later tonight and add the font and distress it to make it look like it goes on a cardboard box. 


I cant't work on this because it keeps making me laugh every five minutes

Vamp Girl Concept

Temple concept with more color info. Still work in progress


Hey everyone!  Thanks for all your hard work on the visual development of the film.  If you've taken this class for credit, you need to take everything you've done this far, put it on a CD, and take it to Kelly's office Monday, March 4th.


Family Photo Concepts

These never got uploaded, and I don't remember if it finally got started, but here's some concepts I had made while storyboarding.

gunz yo

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here's a quick color scheme. I want to add snow and ice to the foreground as well as the other structures and thus cool the scene down some more, but this is what I have so far.

barbarian game chick

pizza man design progress

here's my progress, so you know that i'm working on it.  i have it all set, just have to smooth out those lines, and add a little jazz to it.  

feedback would be greatly appreciated, btw.  

poster fyi

HEY I am going to call dibs on these posters. I will have them done over the weekend.

Samurais vs Zombies
The Adventures of Star Girl and Narp Kid

Rocker so far

Temple Environment concept/ Above the Clouds

Here's the sketch for the temple environment. I imagined a Temple/Fortress in Nepal, with snow capped mountains rising above the clouds. I'd like the temple structures to also be just above the clouds or in the mist of them. I hope this comes across in my drawing. Next the fighting stage could be either a bridge between two structures (This might afford more space for finishing moves, etc...) or it could be a large decorative patio which is part of a large structure.

This is just a reference photo. I think that the dramatic colors of the sunset would be ideal for the battle, as well as a symbol of Jeff's dominance about to come to an end.

 I'm not as capable as most when it comes to digital painting, but here I have a basic color scheme, I haven't really put any shadows in, and the color scheme is very rough, but hopefully you have an idea of what I'm going for.

Here I wanted to illustrate some additional ideas. The first is that we could ad some fire and smoke poring from the structures, giving the impression of a larger battle. The next is to add snow drifts to the fighting stage for the winter feel.

This is just an example of the mountains above the clouds idea. I think there's something other worldly and fantastical about the fight taking place in a temple, fortress in the sky. Just some ideas

Character Select screen idea

here is an idea for a character selection screen

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Shiatori" Fighter progress

Vampire Chick line-work progress

so I am continuing with tweaking this design.

Soda Bottle Label

Click here for high-resolution.

Vampire Character select image (just for fun)

I decided to do a colored character select image for fun

some evil estefan

here are some exploratory ideas for evil estefan.  i feel that those two are not EVIL yet, but i'm working on the scissorhands one right now, and gonna make some gritty designs.


I designed this cereal box for another project last semester: Frosted Fruit Bombs! Just thought I'd put it out there since its not copyrighted and already thought of

Vampire Chick and Barbarian Babe

I think I need to do more with the barbarian babe, but I am feeling a good vibe from the vampire chick.
Edit: After getting some sleep. I am feeling I will put more focus into the vampire chick, and make some variations with her costume.

yet another Alyssa painting paint over

I figured I would take an different direction in the painting, looking at it now i think the monster should be flipped over.  I think having interacting bg elements will make them feel like they are part of the same game..

I took out a lot of the architecture, threw in more natural formations, and a monster to help contrast the other high tech environment.

Bleh, I don't even know if what I am typing makes sense. I just made it "different" while keeping it the "same"

cup of noodles designs

i kinda of went crazy with this one getting inspiration from my... yeah, sketchbook.

Monday, February 25, 2013

my sucky paintover of alyssa's

here's a quick paintover of some ideas i'd like to have incorporated into the painting... basically just more busy stuff.  didn't have much time since i've been working on the other designs.  


Here's my paint-over. Sorry it's not more done. I think I'm getting tendonitis in my drawing arm. Until I get better, you'll probably not see anything from me.

Anyways, I really liked the fallen stones. It might be fun to put some runes and markings on them, and maybe have them carved into the surrounding rock. I also toyed with the bridge being more precariously balanced. Maybe it could fall during the course of the fight?


Hey everyone.  So it's the final week of the development class and there's still a lot that needs to be done.  I know I don't explain myself very well sometimes, so I'm posting this to hopefully ease any confusion.  Here are some of the key things to remember:
    • The creative vomit stage is over.  I want frozen environments for the first level.  Ice-caked temples, snow-covered cliffs etc.
    • Iterations rather than exploratory sketches.  There were not as many environment thumbnails as I had hoped.  Regardless, if you feel like you have a strong composition in one of your thumbnails, build off it.  Avoid experimenting with further compositions; it's time to refine and hone in.  I like Alyssa's composition.  Do draw-overs of her piece and now focus on exploring the architectural elements and details.
    • Factory needs more stuff.  Looks at assembly line reference and put a sci-fi twist on it.
    • There are 10 other characters for the game that need to be designed as well as the look of the menu itself.
      • black guy
      • caliber DONE
      • chelsea's fox character design
      • garjin DONE
      • vampire lady (not slutty)
      • evil estefan
      • female warrior (barbarian...again, not slutty)
      • lemming
      • generic karate man (like ryu but cooler and more unique)
      • kendall's space rocker girl
      • dreamgiver
      • evil kelly
      • *joy's character design
        • *might be a figurine rather than a videogame character
    • Posters! Refer to the post from a while back that describes what I'm looking for with the posters.  TELL ME WHICH ONE YOU'RE DOING BEFORE YOU DO IT.
    • Food items:
      • Cereal boxes
      • Cup o' noodles
      • Mesa Dew energy drink
      • any other miscellaneous food items Jeff would have lying around

Garjen Turn around

For Mike

It looks really good so far Mike.  Basically, all I did was vary the height of the buildings a tad to add more interest and stuck in Caliber and Garjin for scale.  

Rather than doing different iterations, I want you to focus on this one.  Flesh out the details, design any  additional elements and add a splash of color.

Temple Concept

More Machine Sketches for the Factory