Monday, February 18, 2013


READ THIS FIRST:  The environments are important.  FAR more important than the posters.  If you signed up for an environment, keep working.  Otherwise, start thumbnailing ideas for these posters.

The walls of Jeff's apartment will be covered with geeky posters ranging from sci-fi to zombie films.  Alyssa and I brainstormed some ideas for posters and here they are:

-Starblast 3000  (A poster promoting a television series about a starfighter in the year 3000 who brings peace to a galaxy after a star explodes and sends it into chaos)
-Metal Mongers (A heavy metal band.  Paddy from Butcher'd Meats is the main singer, covered in armor and make-up reminiscent of Kiss)
-Samurais vs Zombies  (A poster promoting a high-budget film about samurais who fight zombies in ancient Japan)
-Blueshift (A poster for Jeff's favorite dubstep artist) COMPLETE
-Framed cover for "Stranded" (Alyssa's graphic novel concept from Ryan's class last semester)
-Advertisment for the Woodward Gaming Expo (yup. the biggest gaming expo in America)
-cool character design poster (A cool character from a past videogame that Jeff thinks is really cool. could be anything)
-Caliber poster for Super Mega Fighter Turbo (Caliber posed like Bane from the Dark Knight Rises poster)
-Advertising poster for Thunderhorse and the Pwnies (A psychedelic alternative band)
-Zombie Poster (a cool/gross zombie)
-The Adventures of Star Girl and Narp Kid (a big poster promoting Jeff's favorite "Scott Pilgrim" flavored graphic novel about a cute space girl with a lazer gun and her sidekick)

In terms of deadlines, we're hoping to have EVERYTHING in the entire film designed by Feb 28th.  The sooner we can get stuff done, the better.  If we need to design or redesign things after the deadline, so be it...but Feb 28th is our goal.

I'd like your thoughts on what you want to paint/design or if you have any additional ideas for posters.  You'll be given a day or maybe two to finish the poster.

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