Wednesday, April 17, 2013



I know it's been quiet on the design end of the blog for a while.  I'm in three design classes this semester and they all sort of converged and I had to focus on getting stuff done, but I'm sort of free now!  (Sort of being the key words)

First off, let me just say I'm darn pleased with how much you guys put into this.  We did a lot of work in a short amount of time and it feels like it just blew right by, but we're still not quite done yet.  The posters are important to Jeff's room and they need to get finished.  It's hard to figure out how things will look when rendered if we have blank posters on the walls.  WE NEED THEM TO GET FINISHED.  I WANT THEM FINISHED!

A note to Austin:
Austin, I did a draw-over of your evil Estefan a while back and have seen nothing since.  It still needs work.  Are you still going to work on it?  If the answer's no, I'll get someone else to build off the design we have so far.

The posters are not done.  The only poster I'm sold on thus far is Kiersten's Zombie poster.  Kiersten, I've done draw-overs of your previous posters and I've seen nothing back.  Are you still going to work on them?  Also, don't jump right to final.  Do some rough sketches first so that I can see the direction you're going.  Nathan, the Blue Shift poster is too bright and it's drawing too much attention in the scene.  It looked cool, but when it was put in the scene and rendered out, it doesn't fit.  It needs to be re-worked.  Also, the Samurais vs Zombies poster needs work.  I think I wrote notes and stuff from way back.

IF you put time and effort into these posters, they could be solid illustrations for your portfolios.  

If you guys are burnt, tell me.  If finals are crazy and you can't spare the time, tell me.  If you're going to work on these posters tell me.  If you ARE going to work on these posters, it needs to be quality work like everything else we've done thus far.  JUST TELL ME ASAP!

Thanks, and yes I still love you.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

H5 Redo

I'm not really sure why the light for H5 was right over his head, so I switched to where the primary light source was the tv.  Also, if we're still planning on having the red lights from the tv shine on his skin...then I figured I'd pain them in a bit.  This was quick (10 min.) and crappily done mind you, but this is more the direction I'd like to go for this shot.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kiersten Paintover

Hey Kiersten.  Here's a paintover of your poster for the Woodward Gaming Expo
Here's what I did:
  • The background looked really flat. I added splashes of color just to make it more interesting
  • The Gamernonicon text was getting lost, so I upped the contrast.  I also tried to make the lettering on the bottom right pop a little more.
  • Since the characters are likely from 3D videogames, I added an overlay and a multiply layer for highlights and shadows, just to give them a little more form.  
  • The little tiger guy's hand was creating a tangent with the soldier's arm, so I moved it forward a bit. I'm wondering if his staff is creating a tangent with the cowgirl too...
  • The soldier's pose was still odd.  It looked like a sexy lady pose.  I got rid of the twist in his legs and gave him a more standard pose.
  • The cowboy girl is fantastic, but seeing as how she's from a videogame, she needs to be pushed more.  A plain ol' cowgirl is nice, but she needed something more.  So I added the cyborg arm and sunglasses.  You can change whatever you want, but that's just what I did.
  • I added tatoos to the fighter for the same reason I added the cyborg arm and sunglasses to the cowgirl...just to jazz him up a bit.  Videogame characters are OVER THE TOP
Anyways, hope all this helps.
Keep up the good work! And thanks for doing this!


Abby Color Key