Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kiersten Paintover

Hey Kiersten.  Here's a paintover of your poster for the Woodward Gaming Expo
Here's what I did:
  • The background looked really flat. I added splashes of color just to make it more interesting
  • The Gamernonicon text was getting lost, so I upped the contrast.  I also tried to make the lettering on the bottom right pop a little more.
  • Since the characters are likely from 3D videogames, I added an overlay and a multiply layer for highlights and shadows, just to give them a little more form.  
  • The little tiger guy's hand was creating a tangent with the soldier's arm, so I moved it forward a bit. I'm wondering if his staff is creating a tangent with the cowgirl too...
  • The soldier's pose was still odd.  It looked like a sexy lady pose.  I got rid of the twist in his legs and gave him a more standard pose.
  • The cowboy girl is fantastic, but seeing as how she's from a videogame, she needs to be pushed more.  A plain ol' cowgirl is nice, but she needed something more.  So I added the cyborg arm and sunglasses.  You can change whatever you want, but that's just what I did.
  • I added tatoos to the fighter for the same reason I added the cyborg arm and sunglasses to the cowgirl...just to jazz him up a bit.  Videogame characters are OVER THE TOP
Anyways, hope all this helps.
Keep up the good work! And thanks for doing this!

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