Thursday, April 4, 2013

Color key F15


  1. Awesome! The light from the lamp doesn't look nearly as heinous as it has in previous renditions. Really glad you took out some of the red. Looks great.

    Something to consider... Are the posters behind Jeff going to have the general values that you have in this key? If that Blue Shift poster is going to be right behind his head, it won't silhouette it as well as what you have here. Just something to consider.

    As always, excellent work Alyssa!

    1. Thanks John. I really don't have a good idea about what's going on with the posters. I don't have a good reference for where people have put them, and I'm not sure they will all stay where they are right now. The main thing I'm concerned about is if they detract from where our eye is supposed to go, so I muted them and and pushed them back. I think it will be crucial how we place the posters, the colors on them, and how they relate to the rest of the room. Silhouette was definitely a good point for you to bring up! Thanks!