Wednesday, April 17, 2013



I know it's been quiet on the design end of the blog for a while.  I'm in three design classes this semester and they all sort of converged and I had to focus on getting stuff done, but I'm sort of free now!  (Sort of being the key words)

First off, let me just say I'm darn pleased with how much you guys put into this.  We did a lot of work in a short amount of time and it feels like it just blew right by, but we're still not quite done yet.  The posters are important to Jeff's room and they need to get finished.  It's hard to figure out how things will look when rendered if we have blank posters on the walls.  WE NEED THEM TO GET FINISHED.  I WANT THEM FINISHED!

A note to Austin:
Austin, I did a draw-over of your evil Estefan a while back and have seen nothing since.  It still needs work.  Are you still going to work on it?  If the answer's no, I'll get someone else to build off the design we have so far.

The posters are not done.  The only poster I'm sold on thus far is Kiersten's Zombie poster.  Kiersten, I've done draw-overs of your previous posters and I've seen nothing back.  Are you still going to work on them?  Also, don't jump right to final.  Do some rough sketches first so that I can see the direction you're going.  Nathan, the Blue Shift poster is too bright and it's drawing too much attention in the scene.  It looked cool, but when it was put in the scene and rendered out, it doesn't fit.  It needs to be re-worked.  Also, the Samurais vs Zombies poster needs work.  I think I wrote notes and stuff from way back.

IF you put time and effort into these posters, they could be solid illustrations for your portfolios.  

If you guys are burnt, tell me.  If finals are crazy and you can't spare the time, tell me.  If you're going to work on these posters tell me.  If you ARE going to work on these posters, it needs to be quality work like everything else we've done thus far.  JUST TELL ME ASAP!

Thanks, and yes I still love you.


  1. I mentioned this on Alyssa's recent color key for F15, but I'll reiterate it here. Her key works really well partially because of the value of the poster that's right behind Jeff's head. The Blue Shift poster wouldn't silhouette his head nearly as well as something much lighter.

    I think Kiersten's recent Caliber poster would work great there, but only if it were somewhat inverted. Instead of it being really dark, maybe it could be a black & white of Caliber against a lighter background. From a value and a story standpoint, I think that would be stronger than having the Blue Shift poster there. With a lighter poster as the center point (which will also help us a ton in layout) the posters could almost gradient out in a way, getting darker the further they are from Jeff not just because of the lighting, but because the actual values gradient out. For example, instead of being right behind Jeff's head, the Blue Shift poster could be on the wall to his left since it's fairly dark. Kiersten's Re-Dead Ed poster is kind of in the middle in terms of brightness so it could be in the middle section of the gradient, not too far from where Jeff is on that back wall, etc.

    Right now, the approach to the posters seems pretty all over the place, which is odd considering how directed everything else is on this film. My suggestion is that all of you who are working on the posters actually get together for a few hours and figure out who's poster will go where and what value each of them will have. Then, after making quick, crappy roughs, save out the files and get together with Ryan Barton (or someone else on the shading team) and have him use the crappy roughs to shade the posters in the scene. Using Jeff's light rig, he'll be able to render a few frames and then you'll really be able to see what works and what's not working. We're to the point now where utilizing the CG aspect of this film would probably help speed up the process of getting the posters just right.

    Just my two cents...

  2. Wes, I haven't been able to work on Evil Estefan, but since its the finals, I will be able to work on it after I finish all of my finals next week Tuesday. Is that cool?

    1. that's fine. do you still WANT to work on it? or do you want me to find someone else to finish it?

  3. Is it cool of I could get some direction on what I did with Metal Mongers?

    1. the overall design is good, but like john said in his exceedingly long post the main issues we're running into are color and values and how they'll interact in the space. i'll have ryan slap the image on a poster and place it in the scene and we'll see how it looks. if it works, we'll keep it.

      my personal opinion, i feel like his hair/beard color is too similar to his skin tone. lighten his skin and darken in hair or something to create more contrast. when i squint my eyes, they blend together and his eyes and the linework gets lost.

    2. Hang in there, Wes. After May 8th, I have a feeling the exceedingly long posts will no longer appear as much, if at all. :)