Thursday, January 31, 2013



Sticker Ideas and Shelves

 The black and white tank looking stickers are based off a game Paige and I made a long time ago. Haha. It's called planet shooter. Ask me and I'll let you play it.


Some controller ideas.

Cyclopes Plush

Revised as per Westley's comments.

How soon can we make a batch of these?

Consoles and Controllers

Here's just some ideas! For some of the ideas, I imagined that the console could be super flashy. For instance, it lights up and you can see the interior.

Trash and Phones

Junk ideas and more phone variations. I looked at Star Trek phaser blasters for shape ideas.

Abby living room

Abby center

some more junk

Abby Controller Variations

Jeff's Controller Variations

Abby- Sippy Cups


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Abby Turnaround

Tv Designs


let me know what you all guys think...  i'll color it eventually.

Fridge Colors

8bit 3/4 view

Trophy Idea - AJ Creek


I work on too many things all at once.

EDIT: Here's the cyclopes

t-shirt variations #2

Abby living room ideas

A few studies of different styles of living room and the random stuff they would have.  Very pottery barn ikea chic

other prizes...

I know that in the last review it was mentioned that he might have ribbons or medals as well so I did a few ideas

Jeff's Junk

those are really rough... let me know which ones you would make into an asset for the film and i can polish it more.  

Abby gestures n Jeff shirts

t-shirt designs

Video game consoles

Really basic mockup of game-related console art, obviously.  It's also technically upside-down in the image, since it sits on the left non-rounded side when placed vertically.

Some Boards...