Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hey everyone.  Sorry things have been quiet on the blog for a few days.  I've been working on another project and it's taking up too much time.  Anyways, here are some notes for what you guys have submitted since last week.  

I feel like I need to say something.  The designs for Jeff and Abby were finalized last week.  This means NO MORE CHANGES.  It's no longer the time to make major changes to his clothing or his hair or his glasses.  If you have suggestions for how to streamline the designs, that's fine...but don't make major changes please.  

Everything on Jeff and Abby from here on out is to A) Promote the film B) Explore clothing colors and designs, NOT clothing options (Jeff is wearing shorts, sandals and socks, and a fitted t-shirt and Abby's wearing footies)  or C) Aid the modelers/animators.  


  1. got it. thanks for clarifying, wes.

  2. I love how your comments are in red, like you're a teacher scribbling notes on a test in red pen:

    "No, no, no! You Philistines! Adhere to the prior, FINAL, design or so help me I will end your life using nothing but a dull pencil and a rubber chicken! And I'll do it, too! Because those items happen to be on me at all times! Check minus!"

    I think NO MORE CHANGES in caps helps.