Friday, January 18, 2013



Hey everyone!  
It's been awesome to see everyone's work on Jeff.  I've enjoyed seeing everyone's different designs and watching as we all started to converge on similar ideas.  You guys are awesome and know that I really appreciate your hard work.  In the end, I went with a facial design that I personally liked and I feel conveys the lazy, smug, competitive and odd nature of Jeff.  I tried to incorporate a "bed head" hair, gotee, tear drop shape and thick arms from all of your designs and our discussions from class.
Abby came together nicely from LOTS of crazy cute baby designs.  My thanks go out to Alyssa and the Abby team for their hard work!

So...without further's JEFF AND ABBY!

UPDATE - Changed Jeff's eyes to closer match Abby's

I don't know if I need to bring this up, but just because your finished design for Jeff or Abby didn't get chosen does NOT mean it's a bad design or that you're a bad artist.  You're all incredibly talented and art is of course subjective.  I drew the face for Jeff during Christmas break and I really liked it.  I've been looking at other people's designs and experimenting myself to find something that I liked more, but nothing really came along that clicked for me.  Same idea for Abby.  Just because your baby design didn't get directly used, doesn't mean it's a failure.  Hopefully we're still enjoying designing this film and making great stuff for our demo reels!

Sooo, with that out of the way...let's get down to business. 

From this point on, we need to do 4 things:
1) We need to further design his clothing.  This includes t-shirt designs and color of his shorts and sandals.
2) We need to draw up expression sheets.  These will include gestures, poses, and expressions.  These will (hopefully) help the animators get a feel for his movement and personality.
3) We need to get painting!  This will include texture reference for the shaders, art that can be used for posters and to go up on the walls of the labs to get/keep everyone hyped, as well as possible lighting tests.
4) A Jeff visual guide.  I'll probably do this myself with the help of Alyssa, but this will be a guide (similar to the style guide) to show how to construct and draw Jeff.  This will hopefully help the modelers, storyboard people, and the painters.  If you guys feel like you won't need this, please let me know.  Less work for me.

- Those of you who worked on Jeff, keep working.  You're awesome.  Work on #1 through #3 of the above list and bring what you have to class.  Jeff will be need to be DONE AND LOCKED by next weekend!  He'll then start his trip down the pipeline.  It's crunch time.

- - - - 

1) We need to decide on a color for her onesie.   
2) Same as Jeff *see above*
3) Same as Jeff *see above*
4) Abby's visual guide *pretty much the same as above, only for Abby*

Abby needs to be finished by Feb. 1st, which means we have an extra week.  If you'd like to do color experiments for the onesie and bring them to class that's fine, but I feel like our focus needs to be on Jeff.  If you're not working on an asset or prop design, work on numbers 1 through 3 for Jeff.

- - - - 

If you signed up for a prop, finish them.  Get them colored and posted up on the blog. I'll critique them ASAP (I check the blog...pretty much constantly).  We also need to get some environment paintings to establish look and feel for the shaders and lighters.  This all needs to be done by Feb. 1st if we're going to stay on track.


Keep up all the great work!  You guys are doing awesome! always...know that...

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  1. Hey Wes, I LOVE how Jeff turned out, great job. Seeing Jeff and Abby sitting next to each other though I can see some little ways that they don't exactly look like they come from the same world. I think what would help is if Abby was drawn with black lines (I'll get that to you pronto, It's easy, I'll just change the line color). And what sticks out to me most are the eyes. I feel like they don't match. Jeff has a dot for his pupil/iris and Abby has a different colored pupil, iris, and a highlight. We need to make them match. How you want to do that is your decision, but I think that would be a good idea. Great work Wesley!