Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey everyone.  So it's the final week of the development class and there's still a lot that needs to be done.  I know I don't explain myself very well sometimes, so I'm posting this to hopefully ease any confusion.  Here are some of the key things to remember:
    • The creative vomit stage is over.  I want frozen environments for the first level.  Ice-caked temples, snow-covered cliffs etc.
    • Iterations rather than exploratory sketches.  There were not as many environment thumbnails as I had hoped.  Regardless, if you feel like you have a strong composition in one of your thumbnails, build off it.  Avoid experimenting with further compositions; it's time to refine and hone in.  I like Alyssa's composition.  Do draw-overs of her piece and now focus on exploring the architectural elements and details.
    • Factory needs more stuff.  Looks at assembly line reference and put a sci-fi twist on it.
    • There are 10 other characters for the game that need to be designed as well as the look of the menu itself.
      • black guy
      • caliber DONE
      • chelsea's fox character design
      • garjin DONE
      • vampire lady (not slutty)
      • evil estefan
      • female warrior (barbarian...again, not slutty)
      • lemming
      • generic karate man (like ryu but cooler and more unique)
      • kendall's space rocker girl
      • dreamgiver
      • evil kelly
      • *joy's character design
        • *might be a figurine rather than a videogame character
    • Posters! Refer to the post from a while back that describes what I'm looking for with the posters.  TELL ME WHICH ONE YOU'RE DOING BEFORE YOU DO IT.
    • Food items:
      • Cereal boxes
      • Cup o' noodles
      • Mesa Dew energy drink
      • any other miscellaneous food items Jeff would have lying around


  1. HEY I am going to call dibs on these posters. I will have them done over the weekend.

    Samurais vs Zombies
    The Adventures of Star Girl and Narp Kid

    1. Hey Nathan! Someone's actually already doing Star Girl and Narp Kid. Sorry :( Samurais vs Zombies and Blueshift are all yours though