Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Temple Environment concept/ Above the Clouds

Here's the sketch for the temple environment. I imagined a Temple/Fortress in Nepal, with snow capped mountains rising above the clouds. I'd like the temple structures to also be just above the clouds or in the mist of them. I hope this comes across in my drawing. Next the fighting stage could be either a bridge between two structures (This might afford more space for finishing moves, etc...) or it could be a large decorative patio which is part of a large structure.

This is just a reference photo. I think that the dramatic colors of the sunset would be ideal for the battle, as well as a symbol of Jeff's dominance about to come to an end.

 I'm not as capable as most when it comes to digital painting, but here I have a basic color scheme, I haven't really put any shadows in, and the color scheme is very rough, but hopefully you have an idea of what I'm going for.

Here I wanted to illustrate some additional ideas. The first is that we could ad some fire and smoke poring from the structures, giving the impression of a larger battle. The next is to add snow drifts to the fighting stage for the winter feel.

This is just an example of the mountains above the clouds idea. I think there's something other worldly and fantastical about the fight taking place in a temple, fortress in the sky. Just some ideas

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