Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Color Keys

Hey team,
Sorry for the confusion in getting these keys started.  After talking to Dan today we have come up with a new workflow that will hopefully be better and more useful for us and for production.

What we are going to do is first take 2 weeks to create a color script for the film that is similar in style to Lou Romano's work on incredibles

What we are trying to establish here are the "emotional" beats of the story through basic color, light, and shapes.  We want them to be more flat and graphic like these color scripts so that we can get them done in a timely manner.  We wont be doing elongated panels like the one's above, we'll just be doing normal sized ones like the actual film's aspect ratio.

Every time the type of shot changes significantly we will have a new panel.  I'm going to go through all the boards and shots tonight/tomorrow and pull out the ones we will do panels for, and I will post them on the blog with descriptions.

I think it would be a good idea to separate into teams to do these initial keys- A team to handle keys happening in Jeff's place, and a team to handle keys happening in Abby's place.  We wont worry about the game keys right now, that will be it's own beast.

Please let me know which team you would like to work on, they will each have their own challenges.  I think there are less Abby keys than Jeff keys, so once we have the Abby ones down those people can switch to helping on the Jeff keys.

Current Teams- 
Jeff Keys-

Abby Keys-

Also, I would like to stress that you will need to collaborate with your team as you move forward.  Because we have multiple people working on keys of similar scenes, and we need the colors to remain consistent.  Please check in with each other as you go so that we don't end up with disjointed keys.  If you have any questions about colors or light in your scene please talk to Ethan or me.

We are aiming to have this completed by April 5th
On a side note- we will by Monday have the keys done that the lighters will need for their work next week. I will figure out which keys those will be tomorrow when I am going through the shots.  

Alright. So what I have just described will be considered as our 20% contribution to the color script.  This is what lighting will use as a spring board for their 20% lighting pass and then they will send us renders of our shots and we will paint over them, making corrections where necessary.  This will be the majority of the work from this point on- doing paint overs of renders.

So just to recap.  We are doing a quicker, more simple color script in the next 2 weeks of important keys.  I will get those keys figured out tomorrow.  By tomorrow, you need to decide which team you want to work on and I will assign out shots.  Collaborate with your team and ask questions if you have any so that our combined work can fit together as best as possible.  The finished product will be a good emotional beat board for color and light.  Once this script is done we will be doing paint overs of rendered shots for lighting.

Thanks for reading this long post, hopefully it all makes sense.  If you have any questions just shoot me an email! You guys are rockstars, thanks!

p.s. If any of you are really disenchanted with this style of the keys and absolutely do not want to work on them... please consider helping out with our posters and wall art.  We still need artwork for the frames above Abby's couch (illustrators.. perhaps we can use some of your assignments from other classes?), and we still have a bunch of posters to be done.  Just let me know if you want to do those.

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