Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This is to show that yes, art is still being made/used on this film...and mostly because I want to keep this blog alive.  Call me cray cray...

Jeff has changed a lot since the original design.  We moved away from hair rigging, the dark colored shirt, the blonde hair AND the glasses for many reasons...but I'm liking this direction.  He still looks like equal parts nerd and bully.

This is a paintover I did for Jeff's apartment.

Jeff playing the game
Paintover of Caliber with notes to the texture guy

The temple videogame environment didn't feel cool enough, so I grabbed some concept art from the Uncharted series and did a paintover.  Our temples will be as cool as those rest assured!

This is the cropped version

Garjin pwning Caliber
Some options for Caliber's cannon configuration

notes/refined sketch

Design for Caliber's cannon with notes for the modeller.

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  1. This stuff is awesome Wesley!! I'm excited to come back and work on it some more! Will there still be art needing to be done?