Monday, January 14, 2013

Tommy's living room wall

Layout concept based on previous floor plan.  The wall could have family photos to avoid having a blank wall, but still be minimalist in design to contrast with Jeff's clutter..


  1. This is just me, but I think the kitchen should be visible behind the living room so the space feels more expansive as opposed to Jeff's cramped apartment. I don't think family photos do enough to contrast Jeff's space, even though they're minimalist and organized.

    That's just me, though.

    1. The color schemes will have a bigger impact. A well-lit clean room with light colored walls will appear bigger than a dark, cluttered room even if they're the same size.

  2. This is a great plan, thanks for sharing this because it reminds me to have a plan first like this if I would change the view of my house. Also I would like to suggest, it would be cool if you'll put flower vase beside the sofa and the arrangement of the frames on wall.

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