Monday, January 7, 2013

Floor Plan Concept - Jeff's "Gaming" Pad

I've had a background in drafting from when I thought I wanted to be an architect, so I came up with a possible layout for a small single bed-room apartment that could fit what needs to fit in it.  Bed room and bathroom would obviously not be seen and not need to be modeled.  Since Jeff leaves at the end, there would need to be a hallway beyond his front door, though we won't really need more than shown here since the camera won't be following him out there.  As far as the type of building, I've been thinking more along the lines of urban brick and cement fully enclosed apartment buildings instead of the things we see here in Provo.

Symbols - 90 degree arcs are doors, showing opening path.  Layout is front door/closet/bathroom, kitchen, living room, and door to bedroom.

After talking with Westley, design might be flipped.

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