Friday, January 11, 2013

For those working on Abby-

Hey Guys! For those of you working on Abby, I wanted to set some mini deadlines to help us get the design done on time.  I know that Chelsea, Claire, Joy, and Kendall have all expressed interest in helping with this character, but anyone who wants to can join in.  We need Abby completely done by Feb.1st (3 weeks from today!)- meaning we need gestures, expressions, turn-arounds, and any final paintings done then.  I know the majority of us have signed up to work on multiple other assets and characters for PWNED and I think a lot of us are working on Bothered as well.. so I know we are all super busy. I'd rather not leave all of Abby's work for the last week before it's due, so here are some checkpoints we will try to meet-

Jan 18th - Face/Body design complete 
Jan 25th - Gestures and Expressions
Feb 1st - Turn-around & Final Painting

along the way with these checkpoints we will be getting Wesley's feedback and approval before we move forward.

So, for this first checkpoint, we want the face and body designed a week from today.  What this means is that we need to see your work in this area on Monday in class.  Wesley feels that the designs I have done thus far for Abby have been pretty close, but we need to see more than just my iterations. Have fun at this "creative vomit" stage.  Do lots of drawings and don't worry about them being polished.  Show us what you have come up with Monday, and after getting feedback we will be able to refine those designs and hopefully find our final one by Friday.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks guys!  


  1. Oh man, I would love to draw some gestures and expressions! Do you have any current model sheets or directions in which the character is going to be finalized?

    1. Hey Claire! We do not have a current model sheet, but we should know what the finalized design is for our character on the 18th, maybe a little before that. I will let you know when that happens so you can have at the gestures/expressions. Thanks!