Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Game Throne

A quick tablet sketch of Jeff's sit.  We had originally discussed a couch, but I remembered a chair I had at an old apartment.  It was originally a nice leather wing chair that you would expect Sigmund Freud or Lex Luthor to have next to his fireplace, but somehow the legs had gotten busted off and the thing sat on the ground.  One of my hallmates salvaged it lol, and it became a video-game throne.  I think it says a few things about Jeff— there is a simultaneous sense of throne-like majesty and ghetto bachelor rummage about it.  I thought it would be nice to maybe have a stub of one of the legs left to throw the chair off-kilter.


  1. I love the absence of the legs! I almos think it would be better being propped-up, though. Great idea!

    1. Thanks Stephe! Maybe it could be propped up by an old NES-type system lol