Monday, January 7, 2013


Markham whipped up a nice floorplan of Jeff's apartment.  After looking more at it, I think there's a lot we just don't need.  When I was re-thinking the story over the break, I decided to cut out the opening shots of the bedroom and kitchen.  For right now, I think all we need is this simple space: the couch, coffee table, tv.  The tv I also decided is a big box tv, not a flatscreen.  He's broke.  His parents booted him out and this is the biggest cheapest tv he could afford.  Also, I like that the game system is on top of it.  The baby's house will have the nice flatscreen.


  1. I'll go through a few more iterations tomorrow. My family's house was bought from a hoarder, so I've got some more ideas on what to do with this place. The kitchen can be cut, but we gotta cram a microwave, minifridge and/or freezer in there for his drinks and a source for whatever greasy microwave burrito and mini-philly-cheesesteak wrappers he has lying around.

    1. Yeah, we should probably plan for a microwave and the like