Friday, February 1, 2013

Jeff Gaming Painting

I ended up using a photo overlay for the wood paneling in the background just to save some time.  I would still like to add some junk lying around and some posters on the wall, but I figured I should at least post what I've got so far and get some feedback.


  1. Haha. This is awesome Chelsea! I love how he plays video games with the controller on his belly.

  2. Nice! You, madam, are a poet and a scholar

  3. SO cool! I love the feel and the gesture! Girl! You got it SPOT on!

  4. My two cents...

    Overall, fantastic. Yet another piece from the amazing Chelsea Stebar that inevitably causes me to question how I got into the program at all (I mean that as a compliment, just so there's no confusion).

    I think Jeff's side of the story gives us a really good opportunity to play around with shadows and minimal lighting; he's pretty much lit by the TV. To that end, I would nix the warm light coming from the left and have the shadows fall off to black. That way it feels a bit more like a cave and it won't have the warm on cool that folks seem to be making fun of these days:

    Plus, I think it's a bit more true to life if he's just lit by the TV. That's just me, though.