Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Poster template


  1. I love the colors, the "vs" font is great, I think it might be good to experiment with a few different fonts for the "owned" title though

  2. This is just me, but in the majority of the promotional materials for the film, I think I'd keep Abby a surprise and not include her on the posters, DVD covers, etc. Granted, this is just a concept poster and doesn't give away anything really, but I think there's a lot of inference. Jeff's the main character so I think it would be better to just focus on him.

    Might be fun to do something along these lines:

    Idiocracy Movie Poster

    Also, it looks like the color schemes are inverted. According to the style guide, Abby's environment is warmer while Jeff's is cooler. Probably not a big deal, but just thought I'd mention it.

    Love the tagline, although I agree with Alyssa about the font. We need to move on.

    1. "I agree with Alyssa about the font. We need to move on."

      Herzog, this is why I wanted you to design the title. I guess I'll do it.